* international sound-videoArt

                                          Call for sound-artists & video-artists
                                        ACTIVA’2018 – VII Edition.

                     The Submit will open from August 30, 2017 until to cover a maximum of 35 pieces of video art. The deadline is given by the receipt of the first 35 videos. In case of not reaching that number of participants, the deadline will be November 15.

Submit an application following documents

by email >


1- Title

2- Technical details DVD PAL - 16:9 or 4:3 - duration in minutes and seconds.
                                            [ Preferably less than 10 minutes ]

3- Sound artist name and your city & country. [link to his website, his email]

4- Video artist name and your city & country. [link to his website, his email]

5- Short text about the concept of the work.

6- Link of the video on Vimeo or Youtube without password

7- Send for Wetransfer the video in mpg2 or mp4 file at the same email.


Both artists are equally important, They may be of a different nationality. It may also be that the sound and the video is made ​​by the same artist. Only one entry per artist is allowed.

                      No more than 35 videos may participate in each edition of ACTIVA. When the submit is covered, the call is closed. Of all these participants, ACTIVA will be selected between 5 and 7 works to form part of the art exhibition itinerary.

                   The selection will be made by the participants themselves, voting a total of 3 videos between all presented. A jury of experts will intervene only in case of a tie.




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2 Edition
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