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sound-videoArt created by jaime Rguez, 2011 El término sound-videoArt pretende dar un nuevo concepto a las obras digitalizadas en las que se combina la creatividad sonora-musical y la imagen en video generando una simbiosis que se muestra como un lienzo audiovisual en movimiento. Audiovideo. The term sound-videoArt pretends to give a new concept to the digitalized works in which sonorous-musical creativity and image in video are combined to generate a symbiosis that is shown as an audiovisual canvas in movement. 


created by jaime Rguez, 2011

El término sound-videoArt pretende dar un nuevo concepto a las obras digitalizadas en las que se combina la creatividad sonora-musical y la imagen en video generando una simbiosis que se muestra como un lienzo audiovisual en movimiento.

Audiovideo. The term sound-videoArt pretends to give a new concept to the digitalized works in which sonorous-musical creativity and image in video are combined to generate a symbiosis that is shown as an audiovisual canvas in movement. 

01-Patrick Masson & L. Lemoine - Les alleures délurées, 2011 - 05'05"
De Ath, Belgium - patrickmasson@live.be
Sylphides est un projet creatif et musical (music, video, art visual ...). Créé par patrick masson et laurence lemoine, il y a un peu pres un an. Laurence etait avant Sylphides , plutot dans la branche organisation de soiree , live , ou dans l'ecriture aussi .. Nous nous occupons de tout nous meme ; music compositions,textes,photos,videos, et tout ce qui touche de pres ou de loin a Sylphides, mais sommes ouvert a tout horizon creatif !
! Pat et Lo / Sylphides

Voici aussi le lien Sylphides : www.soundcloud.com/sylphides

Les alleures délurées

02-Marco Lucchi - lichtung from "poets" 2011 - 06'05"
from Módena. Italia.
Liceo Musicale Orazio Vecchi, Liceo Scientifico Tassoni. Promoción del 1975
12 dicembre 2010 / piano & electronics to Maria Zambrano

music & video by Marco Lucchi - http://marcolucchi.bandcamp.com/album/poets


03-Besart Hysniu & Julie Hintz - Entangled Quant 2011 - 02'48"
ambient variation on the "Knight Parts"
from Vancouver, Canada.
The video and the music is a daily submission to a Thirty Days project i participated in. Every day we had to post something musical for thirty days, and the result is the videos: it is me playing and recording myself, then incorporating those video clips with additional music layers.
Production, video and the musical background and the improvisation by Besart Hysniu

email is besart@gmail.com

ambient variation on the Knight Parts

04-Alessandra Celletti - FROZEN LAND 2010 - 03'58"
from Italy. - info@alessandracelletti.com
Video: Alessandra Celletti - Music: A. Celletti
Alessandra Celletti nasce in ambito prettamente classico, ma le sue esperienze musicali e artistiche si moltiplicano con improvvise deviazioni in un ambito musicale e creativo molto personale, rivolgendo la propria attenzione soprattutto al colore dei suoni e all’equilibrio dinamico tra le note; lontana dalle etichette, difficilmente catalogabile nei cliché preesistenti, trasversalmente capace di passare da un genere all’altro con un unico imprescindibile comun denominatore: il pianoforte.

website: www.alessandracelletti.com

Frozen Land

05-Anders Weberg & Twice A Man- CLOUDS 2011 - 04'45" > SELECTED 01
from Kölleröd, Hörby, Sweden - anders.weberg@gmail.com
Video: Anders Weberg - Music: Percy Byshe shelley & Twice a man
Female Vocals by Karin My Andersson
Anders is an artist working in video, sound, new media and installations and he is primarily concerned with identity. The human body lies at the root of projects that formally and conceptually chart identity and its construction as a preamble to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss or ideology in which personal experiences co-exists with references to popular culture, the media and consumerism. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media.

website: www.weberg.se


06-Pablo Ribot - Nostradamus signal 2010 - 02'48" > SELECTED 02
de Buenos Aires, Argentina - grimbergribot@yahoo.es
sound and video: Pablo Ribot

The sound integrates abstract and freestyle. 'vibarentoligy furental'ed my final stage today may across the be is so anyway blessed come whatever need of whatever not he is so intended and will be inverted pleasures decompiled advance tactic is kindly pushed along towards you.
Género: Electrónica / Experimental

website: www.myspace.com/pabloribot

Nostradamus Signal

07-Jack Lane & Arizono Kazuhiro - Swan 2011
from London, UK & Osaka, Japan ( 日本)
sound (music): Arizono Kazuhiro > website
visuals by Jack Lane > website
Music video director Jack Lane is London based. I started this project back in Spring '07' over the past 2 years I have collaberated with many great musicians worldwide together we have produced over 300 videos to date, over 5 pages.
Kazuhiro Arizono, 大阪市, Japan
- goldberg.223@white.plala.or.jp


08-Elisha Caudill & Josh Fink - Walls 2010 - 10'56"
from Dayton - Greenville, Ohio. USA - josh_fink@live.com
this video has changed several times, and this is the final. this is just half of track one from the album "walls" by two suns.
Two Suns is Elisha caudill an Group created for show and event promotions, reviews, discussion, and anything else related to the Dayton noise/experimental scene. d Josh fink.
Video by josh fink edited at plasmic studio's

website: twosunsmusic.bandcamp.com


09-Jeff Gburek & Saiko - crawl spaces 2006 - 07'39" > SELECTED 03
from Poznan, Poland. - trans.abelard@gmail.com

Jeff Gburek is composer, improviser, sound artist, visual artist, poet, working with prepared guitar, unprepared guitars, stones and other objects, phonography, electronics, sampling, digital manipulation. crawl spaces / Kitty, don’t go are from Sketches of Several Southwestern Felons on the Eve of their Just Demise (Digitalis Industries, 2007). The video is an extension of the album’s cover art. Concept and video production by Noé Cuéllar ©2011 Jeff Gburek / Orphan Sound. Puppets by Juan José Vargas from Tamaulipas, Mexico - pikasalsachu@hotmail.com
Music composed by by Saiko

video stills by Noé Cuéllar

website: Jeff Gburek / Orphan Sound

crawl spaces / Kity, don't go
10-Stefan Schmidt (farang) & Masch - sathoyan 2011 - 07'42" > SELECTED 04
from Baden-Baden, Deutschland - farangnoise@yahoo.de
Farang composition, guitars, voice, programming and photography: stefan schmidt, graduated teacher for classical guitar studied at the hfm trossingen and the conservatorio j.j.castro buenos aires)
Género experimental/ambient/organic industrial
Miembros: stefan schmidt

website: http://www.myspace.com/farangnoise


11-Kraf Tim & Viktor Alexis - Bearice 2010 - 04'02" > SELECTED 05
from Nijmegen, Holland - Kraf Tim - kraftim@live.nl
Viktor Alexis - viktor.alexis@hotmail.fr

That's what i am and so am i. made of various clips filmed during the big storms and restless weather we have had this week. and about six kraftim songs mashed together, from jamendo

Viktor Alexis website: http://www.myspace.com/viktor.alexis - http://reignofsick.online.fr/
KraftiM website: http://www.myspace.com/kraftim - http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/kraftim


12-M.NOMIZED - Ready-Screen 01 (homage a M.D.) 2010 - 01'20"
from Paris, France - fraction.studio@wanadoo.fr
(Music-Images by M.Nomized) All rights reserved P.2010
Ready-Screen is a Hommage à Marcel Duchamp
M.NOMIZED - M.Nomized, né à Paris en 1956. Musicien, compositeur, auteur, interprète, poète et graphiste, il débute en 75 avec la musique contemporaine et la recherche sonore.

M.NOMIZED website: http://www.myspace.com/mnomized
fractionstudio website: http://fractionstudio.podomatic.com/

Ready-Screen 01

13-Kyo Yanagi & Funky Sou Hirata Number9 2010 - 09'25" > SELECTED 06
from Kumagaya, Japan - kyoyanagi@gmail.com

Kyo Yanagi (Sanmi) is an experimental unit that started in 1998. Sometimes I invite friends to cooperate, but for most time Sanmi is a solo project. I create music with Ableton Live 7 and special MIDI interface since 2008. I will show you epoch making sine wave works. Sine wave is the simplest and most general of digital tones.

Kyo Yanagi (sanmi) :

Video maker > Funky Sou Hirata: http://www.myspace.com/funky105

number 9

14-Mind Revolution & César Naves W1 2011 07'25" > SELECTED 07
de Asturias, España (Spain)
mind revolution - lafronteraentrechinayparis@gmail.com
video maker - noterustas@gmail.com

W1 es una de las cuatro piezas que forman el trabajo "El sueño de Persio" realizado por el grup de artistas Mind Revolution (Ange y Eugenia) en la piezas sonoras y César Naves en la creación visual (video digital). Dando lugar a una forma de presentación de la obra que meantiene una cohesión híbrida a patir de la valoración conceptual y estética.

Mind Revolution: http://lafronteraentrechinayparis.blogspot.com/
Video maker > César Naves: http://noterustas.blogspot.com/


15-Mark Harris- Particles Still Frame 2010 - 05'04" > SELECTED 08
from Birmingham,West Midlands, UK. - m.harris360@btinternet.com

My work has a strong interest in systems and generative processes in art and music - I have developed a number of software applications which allow me to work with these processes in a live performance environment. I usually work from heavily processed samples of live instruments and field recordings - Although there is a strong systems based element in my work, I tend to work though a process of improvisation with the samples in real time to generate the work. I aim to create immersive work which gradually develops over time and creates a sense of space and place,and generates a strong emotional response in the listener.

Particles The particles course is governed by the variables of its position in X Y and Z space. This is further altered by rotation coordinates, and then the further manipulated by the various elements which control there flow and direction

16-Josh Varnedore - Golden (Beacon) 2011 - 08'34"
from Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA - joshvarnedore@gmail.com
Josh Varnedore - "Seachild" LP out on Dynamophone records April 2011 SEACHILD We wait on rocks for whales... We pull The Star through the tangled tree breeze, And to the Seachild, made of sand. With her starfish eyes, and ankle-bell-band. --- sea songs and star sounds being written now. The fireside story has been rekindled.

J. Varnedore website: http://www.myspace.com/joshvarnedore
Dynamophone records: general@dynamophone.com

Golden (Beacon)

17-Rebecca & Ryan Coseboom - Your Friends 2006/10 - 02'33"
from San Francisco, USA - http://www.halou.com/
Unlike many of the colder-sounding tunes that are prevalent in electronica music, Halou's sound is infused with plenty of emotion thanks to Rebecca Coseboom's vocals. She is a perfect foil for the compositions of her husband, Ryan Coseboom. Their first recording under the name Halou, We Only Love You, was issued through Bedazzled, a label that soon folded. Halou's songs on Wiser retained their electronic foundation, but added a twist with the introduction of drums, an acoustic double bass, and a cello. Halou's sophomore album marks the first appearance of Count with the group.

other Halou website: http://halou.bandcamp.com/

Your friends

18-Múm & Ruben Latre - Abandoned ship bells 2008/10 - 04'17"
from Reykjavík, Iceland & Barcelona, Spain - rubenlatre@yahoo.com

Ruben Latre (Born in Barcelona) has directed numerous music-videos for diverse artists in Spain. Ruben has also directed many award winning short films such as “Plancton” or “Seven Days”. In 2005, he decided to move to New York looking for inspiration and something else that can change his life. Latre is currently in Spain focus on his new phase as a commercial director, represented by Group Films. / http://rubenlatre.blogspot.com/
úm are an experimental Icelandic musical group whose music is characterized by soft vocals, electronic glitch beats and effects, and a variety of traditional and unconventional instruments.

Múm website > http://mum.is/
Ruben Latre website >

Abandoned ship bells

19-TWYS - 120311 pt8 || something breathing | 2010 | 03'19" > SELECTED 09
from Milan, Italy
song is extract from Evocative, performed and produced by TWYS
video performed and produced by TWYS
contact: twys@hotmail.it

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zero-Wait-Station/126817447332920 http://www.youtube.com/user/ZeroWaitStation?feature=mhee#p/u http://soundcloud.com/zero_wait_station

TWYS pt8

20-Scott Morgan (Loscil) & Kranky - Motoc 2008/10 - 07'16"
from Vancouver, Canada - loscil@shaw.ca
Como lo definiera Ricchiardo Danielle Andarada en su imprescindible libro «Una breve, caprichosa y tendenciosa historia de la música electrónica del SXXI» ( Brother Canutto editores, Milano ©2010) Loscil «…fluctua sobre un manto irradiante de lava acústica…» para trasladar nuestras emociones a la misma entraña de nuestros sueños. El nombre Loscil deriva de «looping oscillator» y es un proyecto ambient/electrónico de Scott Morgan a la sazón baterista de la banda indie Destroyer con base de Vancouver , Brtitish Columbia. Fuertemente influenciado por artístas como Cluster, Henry Mancini y Fuckin`Heroes, realizó su pimer album autoproducido llamado «A New Demonstration of Thermodynamic Tendencies» en 1999, llamando la atención de Bruce Adams y Joel Leoschke propietarios del sello de música experimental Kranky , quienes inmediatamente lo introdujeron en sus huestes para así parir su primer album : «Triple Point» en 2001, sustentado por varios tracks de su primer trabajo sumados a 4 nuevas composiciones. __Luego vendría sucesivos trabajos: » Submers » del 2002, «Plume» del 2006, «Strathcona Variations» del 2009 y «Endless Falls» su ,hasta el momento, último trabajo del 2010. En fin, la delicada proporción de Cluster se funde al líquido caliente, sonoro y visceral de los F*Heroes para alumbrar una nueva noción de lo preciso, lo cuántico y lo astral. __Así de extrema es la propuesta de Loscil. .

website > http://www.loscil.ca/


21-Endorphin - Lila (Soon After Silence)2007/10 - 02'29" > SELECTED 10
(born in France) from SYDNEY, NSW. Australia - info@endorphimusic.com

Endorphin (aka Eric Chapus) has had a prodigious and highly creative career to date. Since leaving his homeland France in 1984, he has travelled and lived in Morocco, India and the USA, eventually taking roots in Australia. Coming into the musical spotlight after being unearthed by the National Youth Broadcaster JJJ in 1996, Endorphin has delivered six stunning albums, won numerous Industry awards and toured with the biggest names in the Music Industry. Endorphin has excelled in composing emotive music and music soundscapes designed for a wide range of commercial media.
> http://www.myspace.com/endorphinaustralia

Compañía discográfica : endorphin Music
Tipo de discográfica : Independiente
Big Tree Artists Contact Dorry Kartabani > dk@bigtreeartists.com
Eric Chapus website > http://www.endorphinmusic.com/


sound-videoArt > SELECTED

Se ha realizado una selección de 10 obras que junto a laa piezas de la sección: videoperformance y otras formas de expresión representarán a ACTIVA en otros eventos internacionales que forman parte como partness y exponsors. Las obras seleccionadas se integrarán en la colección ARTE ALTER, de carácter patrimonial y cultural sin ánimo de lucro o cualquier otro tipo de especulación comercial. La selección ha sido realizada en primer lugar por los propios participantes y, posteriormente, por un jurado extraordinario que actúa en caso de que el listado no quedase totalmente definido.

A selection of 10 works has been made. They will represent ACTIVA, together with the pieces of the videoperformance and other ways of expression section, in other international events that take part as partners and sponsors. The selected works will be integrated into ARTE ALTER, a collection of cultural and patrimonial character with no profit motive in hand or any other kind of commercial speculation. The selection was made first by the contestants themselves and then by a special jury that should act in case the list was not completely defined.
Videoperformance y Otras formas de expresión
Videoperformance & Others expresions forms

[ Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman ] - "Avril 2010", 2010 - 06'31"
Elle vient d'’enfiler une combinaison intégrale de zentaï noir, la cagoule encore posée sur le rebord du lavabo. Face à un vieux miroir de salle de bain, un tube de rouge à lèvres à la main, elle me parle, oubliant presque la caméra. «  - C'’est dingue ce que ça fait... Par contre, une fois dans la rue, je pense que je vais très peu parler. J’'ai vraiment l'’impression de mettre à la surface des trucs. C’'est comme si tu l'’avais marqué là, là et là, partout. Et tu portes ta soumission, sociale, culturelle, personnelle, sexuelle,… tu l'’affiches. Et c'’est la réaction des gens, par rapport à ça, qui est intéressante. » Elle sort de l'’appartement.

Nous sommes artistes pluridisciplinaires; nous explorons des sujets tels que les rapports dominantdominé, les carcans sociaux, le genre, ses limites et ses ambiguïtés, le double, les personnages multiples sous une même peau, les codes et leur décontextualisation ou encore l'identité, le statut et l'image de la Femme... Nous remuons les idées dormantes et certaines scléroses de notre société à coup de performances, pour la plupart participatives, dans un désir de réaction immédiate, de mise en situation du public et de dialogue sensible

©2011 Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman
Here's our email > kedzior.friedman@gmail.com -
And our website > http://www.kedzior-friedman.org/

Avril 2010

[ Jean-Michel Rolland ] - Acommunication, 2011 - 05'29"
Cinq bras s’évertuent à faire taire trois téléphones, un réveil matin et un minuteur sans y parvenir. Ce rejet de la communication et plus largement de ce qui nous relie au temps est prétexte à une nouvelle expérimentation où l’on « entend ce que l’on voit » et vice-versa. Ces gestes simples, destinés à rompre un processus inopportun, sont répétés de façon quasi-schizophrénique. Il en résulte un combat chorégraphique et musical qui s’achèvera non sans effort.

Jean-Michel Rolland, a musician for a long time then a painter, focus on video art to make his two favorite medium meet: sound and image. At the origin of each of his creations, musicality plays a role as important as image does and each one influences the other by transmediality. The result is a series of experimental videos where sound and image are so inseparable that the one without the other would lose its meaning.

©2011 Jean-Michel Rolland
email > jim.rolland@free.fr - website > http://franetjim.free.fr/


[ Tamara Norniella ] - Untitled, 2012 - dur aprox. 15min.
La voz refleja el sonido de la imagen: el cuerpo, la identidad y el entorno. La alienación del ser ante la mediatización se muestra a través de la videoperformance autorreferencial que va presentando a cada uno de los espectadores... la intimidad como reflejo en público del ater ego que se consume en su propia imagen.

Tamra Norniella , licenciada en arte dramático por la ESAD de Gijón, sigue una trayectoria artística multidisplinar en torno a la performance y el videoarte. En esta obra utiliza varios elementos materiales y una autoedición en video para interrelecionarse con el público con los nuevos medios y su propia voz como fenómeno sonoro del mensaje en un diálogo abierto en bucle cuyo final debe interrumpir el propio público, mediante una acción que se pueda definir como segmento temporal de la performance.

Tamara Norniella ©2012
website > http://tamaranorniella.blogspot.com/

Videoinstalación / Videoinstallation
Videoesculturas / Videosculpture

> Sztuka Fabryka > Geert De Decker
> Sztuka Fabryka is active since 1986 / First as organiser and curator of international art events / During this period they also established their archive with art pieces from more then 1500 artists world wide // > In 2009 Sztuka Fabryka moved their activities from Belgium to Spain, now spending full time on their own art //
> Concepts as “Deconstruct To Construct”, “Do It Yourself”, recycle and “Add To” are the final influences which put its mark on their body of work / By combining different styles and influences, or take elements out of its context and create a completely new context, their work find its existence / Whatever this context may be, a pure graphical approach or one which hold a concept, or both

> for more information / http://www.sztuka-fabryka.be/index.htm

exponsors & partners:

oart Festival - Italy
Creative videos to inspire the future

Del 27 Febrero al 08 Marzo - Galería TEXU, Oviedo, Asturias

Abril - Mayos , 2012 - Magmart, Napoli (Italia)

Del 11 al 18 de Mayo - Noche Blanca de Avilés, Ayuntamiento de Avilés. Asturias

Du 1er au 31 juillet 2012 - Le Dressing Vidéo Art In FREE'P'STAR, Paris