* international sound-videoArt


created by ©jaime Rguez, 2011

El término sound-videoArt pretende dar un nuevo concepto a las obras digitalizadas en las que se combina la creatividad sonora-musical y la imagen en video generando una simbiosis que se muestra como un lienzo audiovisual en movimiento.

The term sound-videoArt pretends to give a new concept to the digitalized works in which sonorous-musical creativity and image in video are combined to generate a symbiosis that is shown as an audiovisual canvas in movement. 

- claRa apaRicio yoldi - Circadian Rhythms, 2014

DVD PAL – 16:9 | 04:19 | from Madrid, Spain / London, UK.
website > www.aclararte.com


sound & video created by claRa apaRicio yoldi

This video is a play of audiovisual rhythms that describes the passing of time in the life of a person over a 24hr time lapse. In contrast to natural rhythms, here the rhythm is the typical imposed by our post-industrial society, driven by the use of technology and mass production.

e-mail: clara@aclararte.com


- Cooper Raines, Fred L'Epee & Kenneth Gentry - The White Widow, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 10:03 | from England, UK. Switzerland & New Orleans, LA. US.


sound created by Cooper Raines
website > cooperraines.bandcamp.com
video created by Fred L'Epee & Kenneth Gentry
website > www.fredlepee.org & fred-lepee.com

"The White Widow" is a psychotropic visual arts film representing the themes of mythology, mysticism, and the existential struggle. The realm is that of the subconscious, the alterations of perception, in the other-worldly than the worldly. Once upon a time the white widow at the edge of a path.

Helicon Films 2015

e-mail: cooper.raines@yahoo.co.uk | fredlepee@gmail.com & ghaghahest@gmail.com


- Us As Effigies & Dorianne Wotton - Falling Through the ocean, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 11:09 | from Oslo, Norway & Montreuil, France.


sound created by Us As Effigies
website > usaseffigies.com
video created by Dorianne Wotton
website > www.dorianne-wotton.com

What really happened? Have I dreamed? Have I died? Have I felt into the ocean of my subconscious? I let myself be taken by the ocean. As I sunk slowly to the ocean floor, I felt very calm and was not swallowing water like I thought I would. There was no panic or pain, just a peaceful feeling of warmth and love. To my surprise, I could see and even breathe underwater. A strange but beautiful light suddenly engulfed me. The light was so bright and beautiful, it did not blind my eyes. I could look directly into the light without squinting. I could heard music, which sounded like angels singing and felt the presence of people around me whispering, but could not see them. I thought to myself, am I dead?, is this the way you feel when you die? I had no comprehension about time or how long I was in this state of mind. I felt safe and protected in a place that I knew nothing about. The peaceful presence of my well-being, was so euphoric, a feeling I have never felt since. Then, without warning, an abrupt landing on the dry land had slowly brought me back to reality.

e-mail: dorianne.wotton@free.fr

Kerem Akbaş - 1/2 Konsantrasyon, 2014
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 04:05 | from Istanbul, Turkey.
website > www.behance.net/keremakbas


video created by Kerem Akbaş
Director/ Cinematographer /Edit - Kerem Akbaş | Text - Kader Büyükbingöl | Art Director - Gizem Malkoç | Music by Yoshitaka Hikawa - k2rx (Kaer' Uiks)
| The Man - Sermet Yeşil.

Humanity had started to his story just like in history of religions with an exile and have banished from his safety home to the world. This first and common trauma will shape his philosophy in order for him to search his dark and inclusive first home in which there is no definition of time and space yet. But at the end we know, the union had already corrupted.

e-mail: cetinkeremakbas@gmail.com


- Francesc Martí - Speech 2, 2015
DVD PAL –16:9 | 07:47 | from Barcelona, Spain / Leicester, UK.
website > fmarti.xyz | rmsonce.com


sound & video created by Francesc Martí

Speech 2 is an experimental audiovisual piece created from a series of old clips from the public affairs interview program The Open Mind. This piece would be a reflection on the action of communicating, highlighting his limitations, and can be labelled as “text-sound-art”, or “text-sound-composition” in an audio-visual framework.
Technically, in this piece, the author has been experimenting how granular sound synthesis techniques, in particular synchronous granular synthesis, can be used for audiovisual creative works. All the piece sounds and images come from that series of clip, in other words, no other sound samples or images have been used to create the final result..

e-mail: info@rmsonce.com

[ Guest Artist ]

Steeve Pernock & Francisco Brives - Narciso, 2015
DVD HD 16:9 | 02:12 | from Paris, France & Madrid, Spain.

sound created by Steeve Pernock
website > overclockheadz.net
video created by Francisco Brives
website > vimeo.com/user19917475

Reflexión sobre la identidad y el género desde una perspectiva política del cuerpo. El cuerpo deseado de Narciso por el joven Aminias reflexiona sobre las estructuras ajenas a la identidad que los otros depositan en el deseo sobre nuestros cuerpos y sus usos. Narciso ha sido la figura mítica de un cuerpo masculino que no se somete al deseo ajeno ni a mirada patriarcal sobre el cuerpo politico. La no aceptación de Narciso a someterse al deseo de sus ¨enamorados¨ lo situa como un Ulises que lucha por su individualidad ajeno al sometimiento social que le desea, sin tener en cuenta su pensamiento, su genero o su identidad. Al no seguir las directrices Narciso es castigado y vilipendiado, como siglos despues pasará con Sebastian. El hombre como cuerpo politico ha sido poco estudiado y reflexionado. Desde mi trabajo sobre identidad y cuerpo poitico en EL SEXO DE UN ANARQUISTA continuo investigando sobre la identidad masculina, su deseo y su no aceptación de lo que se espera del cuerpo y el deseo de uno.

e-mail: steeve.pernock@gmail.com & fran@arthousemadrid.es

- Francisco Brives - TEBRAS, 2015
DVD HD 16:9 | 03:15 | from Madrid, Spain.
website > vimeo.com/user19917475

sound-videoPerformance [Videodanza]

sinopsis- Revisión sobre la colonización cientifica del cuerpo. El cuerpo enfermo como territorialidad de abuso y de manipulación política. La medicina como agente castrador de la decisión de la libre sanación, estudio sobre el proceso del negacionismo frente al VIH. género- Videodanza

performers - Natalia Moreno | dancer - Francisco Brives
cámara - Barbara Dominguez | instalación "retorno al útero" - Manín Carrera
vestuario - Rafael Díaz (La Madrina) | montaje & edición - Francisco Brives

e-mail: fran@arthousemadrid.es




Creative videos to inspire the future



> January, 19 to February, 20 | CMAE. Avilés, Asturias (Spain)

> August, 6 | Artífices. NOKO, Málaga (Spain)

> November, 26 | Sala LAi, Gijón, Asturias (Spain)


remaining Participants unselected


02- Roland Quelven - To measure is to Know, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 01:45 | from Finistère, France.
website > vimeo.com/rolandquelven/videos

sound & video created by Roland Quelven

“When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it” Lord Kelvin

e-mail: rquelven@gmail.com

03- Fiorella16 & César Naves - MiiüFm, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 01:54 | from Arequipa, Peru & Asturias, Spain.

sound created by Fiorella16
website > soundcloud.com/fiorella16
video created by César Naves
website > noterustas.blogspot.com.es

no sé…. Es un viaje…. Pero a alta velocidad….algo así como los recuerdos que tienes en situaciones de peligro…. Tu vida pasa ante ti en un minuto

e-mail: noterustas@hotmail.com

04- Alx P.op & Sandrine Deumier - MagicalGarden, 2012
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 02:25 | from Toulouse, France.

sound created by Alx P.op website > alx-pop.blogspot.com
created by Sandrine Deumiers website > sandrinedeumier.com

MagicalGarden talk about illusion and pseudo-virtual realities applicable to the feelings. In the symbolic space of the ideal garden, understood as Utopian space, and place ideally carrier of all the fantastical skids of the reality, the hyper-individuality is duplicated in double ideal - the clone-lover becoming the syndrome of this utopia of the soul mate, treated under a genetic mode

e-mail: subeclectic@gmail.com & saemdre@aol.com

05- Montserrat Rodríguez aka nyx10110 - Ese momento particular, 2012
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 01:00 | from Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
website > cargocollective.com/nyx10110

sound & video created by nyx10110

Parece que ningún problema de la vida cotidiana es importante. Es como soñar despierta. Pero siempre hay algo, ese 1% que me hace volver a la realidad y seguir adelante... Ruidos. Es el ritmo de la vida, un flujo de movimiento sonoro y visual, más o menos controlado y ordenado. A veces es largo y a veces es corto, me relaja y me tensa. A veces se altera bruscamente y me sorprende. Todo interrelacionado, la naturaleza y la civilización. La vida llena de esos momentos particulares, a su propio ritmo.

e-mail: nyx10110@gmail.com

06- Elise Kermani & Evelin Stermitz - Black Blue Abstract, 2014
HDV – 16:9 | 08:11 | from New York, USA & Vienna, Austria.

sound created by Elise Kermani website > www.elisekermani.com
created by Evelin Stermitz website > evelinstermitz.net

In an abstract form, black and blue are visualizing a color surface for the screen. The color movements are vanishing and reappearing in a constant flow. The abstract surface for the screen describes endless possibilities of contingency.

Sound, Rising Mix, composed by Elise Kermani with Natasha Kermani, violin, 2014.

e-mail: elisekerm@aol.com & es@mur.at

07- Bogdan Dullsky - UT, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 11:51 | from Transnistria, Russia.
website > dullsky.net

sound & video created by Bogdan Dullsky

When it comes to improvisation, this is what I do… The first things to consider are the given circumstances. It’s a bit like an actor trying to relive something with his heart, albeit inside the limits of the stage. He tries both to relive his character’s experience and to allow it ‘through’ him. In the same way - in those same circumstances of an amorphous room - you’ve got to hunt down the main thing. It’s what people sometimes call ‘liberty.’ The driving force behind this project was something similar; we were looking both for stimuli and for reactions to them. If you spend most of your time with a musical instrument in your hands, then a musical syntax, a harmony-based view of the world in all its depth and spatial modes will come together. What I mean is… there’s no need for [desperately-sought] originality… Originality is something you simply cannot avoid!”

e-mail: bogdan@dullsky.net

08- Jumbo Pimp & Pinina Podestà - HearteartH, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 04:51 | from England, UK & Catania, Italy.

sound created by Jumbo Pimp recollaged da Svonica
website > jumbopimp.bandcamp.com
video created by Pinina Podestà
website > www.pininapodesta.it

In our spacious earth, between the immeasurable vulgarity and waste, closed and secure in his heart center, lurks the seed of perfection. Walt Whitman

e-mail: mail@pininapodesta.it

09- vÄäristymä - Tietomme olio, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 02:57 | from Helsinki, Finland.
website > vaaristyma.webs.com

sound & video created by Janne Liimatainen & Jarko Hedenius aka vÄäristymä

Helsinki-based brothers Jarko Hedenius and Janne Liimatainen of vÄäristymä began their electronic music experimentation in 1992. Don't miss this chance to hear how far they've come, or gone, especially if you're not scared of questioning the very nature of music.

e-mail: vaaristymamail@gmail.com

10- Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Sascha Alexander Plein - MAGIC MITTE / First Point Of Light, 2015
DVD PAL – 4:3 | 05:01 | from Berlin, Germany.

sound created by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
website > seandrrickcoopermarquardt.bandcamp.com
video created by Sascha Alexander Plein
website > www.youtube.com/user/HODBDA

When he sent me the track, i instantly had "sureal urban pictures" in my head, knew i wanted to shoot some footage in the streets near Berlin Mitte but nothing quite fit untill i found this old factory in a sidestreet, took some photographs ... cut out the original sky with "gimp" and put in a sky with overlapping clouds, to have a contrapoint to the still of the factory...

e-mail: sdc.marquardt@gmx.de

11- Sylphides - Ville O, 2014
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 05:11 | from Ath, Belgium.
website > sylphides2.bandcamp.com

sound & video created by Sylphides (Pat & Lo)

Every sound, video images, and all the photos in the album and the video were created and saved, to "Ostende" while traveling on the Belgian coast. we wanted to highlight the atmosphere of the time and the place, the fog and cold atmosphere. O in the title represents Ostend .. very beautiful Belgian coast. an artist town .. which has inspired us.


e-mail: sylphides@live.be

12- Philippe Neau aka nobodisoundz - scruter (l'âme), 2015
DVD PAL – 4:3 | 02:28 | from Saint Jean Sur Erve, France.
website > philippeneau.blogspot.fr & nobodisoundz.bandcamp.com

sound & video created by Philippe Neau aka nobodisoundz

The main idea of my movies would be to create mysterious atmospheres and to operate a feeling " of disturbing strangeness ". A moment, sometimes short, powerful and lively when the spectator is taken by the images and the sound.The experimental shape of my movies is an asserted esthetic choice where the not narrative bias is accepted to leave free the sensitive perception of the spectator.

e-mail: philippe.neau4@gmail.com

13- Isabel Pérez del Pulgar - FRAME 1415, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 09:22 | from Granada, Spain.
website > isaperezdelpulgar.wix.com

sound & video created by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar

Hay una línea fina entre la decisión consciente de elección y la pulsión incontrolada de hacer. Hay ideas, conceptos que permanecen inalterables a lo largo del tiempo. Que de manera involuntaria siempre se hacen presentes en el acto de mirar. Uno elige la imagen o es esta la que vehícula el acto creativo? Indudablemente todo ello es una imbricaciónn con la propia experiencia, el conocimiento y ese espacio oculto difícil de verbalizar que actúa como escritura automática, dirigiendo la mano entre lo consciente y lo inconsciente, lo real y lo figurado..

e-mail: isaperezdelpulgar@gmail.com

14- Karl Heinz Jeron - Hypthetical Machines - Somebody Did Something Then The People Came, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 03:41 | from Berlin, Germany.
website > www.jeron.org

sound & video created by Karl Heinz Jeron

Creating identities through comment function in social media.
Somebody did something. Then the people came - An enactment
Motorized wooden toys reuse so-called user generated content for an absurd play. The project is a tap hole of social media. New online technologies have created countless opportunities for citizen participation in the public debate and a potential to influence public opinion. Web 2.0 environments allow mass media audiences to publish their own content, creating a new paradigm of “produsage” with significant consequences on social practices, media and democratic society itself..

e-mail: hello@jeron.org

16- Ritsu Katsumata & Lynn Estomin - Fashion To Die For, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 05:38 | from Williamsport, PA, USA.

sound created by Ritsu Katsumata
website > www.ritsu.com
video created by Lynn Estomin
website > www.lynnestomin.com

Spinning spools of colors and thread; flowing ribbons of fabric and people; frantic movement of garment workers and machines; desperate searching by rescue crews and family members; set to Ritsu Katsumata’s haunting score create a sound and image indictment human rights violations by the global textile industry.

e-mail: ritzkat@gmail.com & estomin@lycoming.edu

17- Bloody Blue - Can't Stay, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 06:13 | from Mons, Belgium.
website > www.bloodyblue.bandcamp.com

sound & video created by Bloody Blue

a Saturday friendly captured to a Bloody soundscape re-adapted, as simply a possible, some treatments


e-mail: bloodyblue@outlook.fr

18- Nikolas Koroloff - [ ERRORS ], 2015
DVD PAL – 4:3 | 01:48 | from Nancy, France.
website > http://digitaliiis.com/

sound & video created by Nikolas Koroloff

Some random's talking with the colorations of the Data of nothing. Then Blur and confusion become strange ideas of these limitations of emotions... So Now could be Unknow... Because time is altered ... but ?

e-mail: koroloffnikolas@yahoo.fr

20- Brigitte Neufeldt - ins ungewisser, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 03:49 | from Bad Liebenzell-Monakam, Germany.

sound & video created by Brigitte Neufeldt

Two women are struggling but not against themselves - they struggle for recognition. the clothes and the safety blankets have the meaning of density or a hurdle. this hurdle must be overcome. mostly i prefere real sound of the surrounding nad in this case the ladies are in a room - recorded with a great cam and 16:9 size and blending with the smaller formated video 4:3. the alps and valley. it is a little story about a prang. Also you could it read as a deliverance!.

e-mail: neu.brig47@googlemail.com

22- Trans Alp & Eija Temisevä - Girl and Her Shadow, 2014
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 02:34 | from Dresden, Germany & Espoo, Finland.

sound created by Sebastian Drichelt aka Trans Alp
website > transalp.sebastian-drichelt.de
video created by Eija Temisevä
website > vimeo.com/user16277842

What is the Shadow of a person? Why is this shadow so light but broken? Maybe the shadow is a person, too. Or maybe it is something inside the girl....How goes the communication between the girl and her shadow? A video about a person and her subconscious and her vulnerability.
Sculptures made by Eija Temisevä
Music I found in soundcloud: Trans Alp. His music suits well with many of my videos. Music: Trans Alp/Sebastian Drichelt Gnossienne N3, originally written by Erik Satie

e-mail: me@sebastian-drichelt.de & eija.temiseva@gmail.com

23- JfR - Particules Musicales, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 03:11 | from Engelberg, Switzerland.
website > www.yoorart.com

video created by Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR
Suguru Ito - piano | Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) - composer

Searching the material of sound through image, and illustrate the emotion of listening live music.

e-mail: jfr@digital-broadcast-channel.com

24- Cauchemar & Cassandra Sechler - PASSING, 2014
DVD PAL – 4:3 | 06:48 | from Washington Island & San Francisco, USA.

sound created by Cauchemar
website > mccmusic.wix.com/cauchemar
video created by Cassandra Sechler
website > cassandrasechler.com

Trapped moments in time. Love lost, relationships tainted. Fragmented memories drifting in space are explored though a sad path of a dying man's mind. Shot on super 8mm film

e-mail: cauchemarembrace@gmail.com & cassandra.sechler@gmail.com

25- Albino Guimarães - Drops, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 06:09 | from St Tirso, Portugal.
website > vimeo.com/binoguimaraes

sound & video created by Albino Guimarães

Final work of a series of videos, made from experiments with color drops falling into three different surfaces, like paper, textile and water. The shots taken underwater, explore chromatics intensities and contrasts between real color and its RGB inverse and between real time and slow motion, trying to capture the different reactions from both, drops and surface, when the interaction between them happens

e-mail: albinoguimaraes@hotmail.com

26- fotocopiadora - beginner ankh, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 03:03 | from Badajoz, Spain.
website > fotocopiadora.bandcamp.com

sound & video created by fotocopiadora

Beginner ankh is a sound+video project that explores mystery as it exists in the world. as with sources of noise, when heard from sufficiently far away, mundane and cosmic, real and virtual become the same thing. and so the screen becomes an oracle through which the clues are revealed, one at a time.
Rather than try to solve or explain this mystery, however, this project simply aims to add to it, channeling from the unknown, the noisy shadow and the quiet fields.

e-mail: fotocopiadora.56000@gmail.com

27- Anaí Lago - El Lenguaje es una piel, 2015
DVD PAL –16:9 | 01:04 | from Vigo, Spain.
website > anailago.wix.com/anailago

sound & video created by Anaí Lago


e-mail: anaiglw@gmail.com

28- Furchick & Adam Brained - Don't Waste the Message on Deaf Ears , 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 03:38 | from Perth & Brisbane, Australia.

sound created by Furchick
website > soundcloud.com/furchick
video created by Adam Brained
website > adam brained youtube

What if future Techno-archaeologists were to rescue audio-visual data from the feminist era? Whose voices would be heard? 'Don't Waste the Message on Deaf Ears', is the voice of the fringe-dwelling Furchick (fagashrecords), international noise artist currently residing on the fringe of Western Australia. This video has jumped back and forward through time to arrive now, already in its future decayed state. Warning: Will fray with each watch.

e-mail: Furchick@gmail.com & adam.brained@yahoo.com.au

30- Mónica Ezquerra - Variaciones de perturbación, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 05:30 | from Ponferrada, Spain.
website > monicaezquerra.blogspot.com.es | monicaezquerracollage.blogspot.com.es

Audio: Dajuin Yao | Dream reverberations [ fragment ]
video created by Mónica Ezquerra

La diferencia habita en la repetición; es el para-sí de la repetición, lo imaginado. La verdadera repetición es imaginación. La repetición pertenece al humor y a la ironía, es transgresión y excepción. La repetición condena al cambio.
Gilles Deleuze | Diferencia y Repetición

Difference dwells in repetition; it's the for-itself of repetition, the thing imagined. Real repetition is imagination Repeticion belongs to humor and irony, it is transgresion and exception Repetition heads towards change. Gilles Deleuze | Diference and Repetition

e-mail: moezgu@hotmail.com

31- Stefan Schmidt - nebelzelle, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 09:29 | from Baden-Baden, Germany.
website > www.musicforoverexposedcelluloid.com

sound & video created by Stefan Schmidt

The music for 'nebelzelle' is a free improvisation for electric/midi-guitar that was recorded in one take and is part of the album 'dämmerstücke'.
The video which contains images filmed by manfred schmidt is supposed to serve as a 'living tapestry' to intensify the dreamlike character of the music.

The complete version of the video (24:57) can be viewed here:

e-mail: farang_mail@yahoo.de

32- Paco Fuentes - aìD(y)ehcoN, 2012
DVD PAL – 4:3 | 02:49 | from Valencia, Spain.
website > pac0-fu3nt3s.tumblr.com | antoniosnchezmodeonypacofuentes.bandcamp.com

sound & video created by Paco Fuentes

Juego de texturas que toma como hilo conductor un vhs encontrado de una operación de corrección de córnea. La mirada protagonista nos conduce a través de las imágenes y los sonidos en una experiencia distorsionada del tiempo que no pasa, que se devora a si mismo. Sonido realizado con grabaciones de campo con una grabadora Zoom H2n y un sintetizador Microkorg.
Fue seleccionado para el pase en el festival Fuga Industrial, Argentina.

e-mail: frafuenc@gmail.com

33- Gabriel Castaño - Painting incomplete II, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 04:59 | from Madrid, Spain.

sound & video created by Gabriel Castaño

“Chance and construction are the coordinates that contain the secret of art, and the fate of the artist lies in accepting this as contingency”. Sartre “The question that scientists and philosophers arise is whether chance is a simple product of our ignorance or, on the contrary, is an inherent right of nature” Playing with the chance and an giving it an opportunity is something I have pursued for a while until today in the art world. As Nietzsche wrote, "We must keep up the chance" A mutable play that calls us into question, that does or undoes itself depending on how the beholder stares at it. But what I have clear in advance, is that chance will be a definite asset and assumed in the outcome of my work

e-mail: gabricast28@hotmail.com




Se realiza una selección de 5 obras del apartado sound-videoArt que junto a otras piezas del resto de las secciones, representarán ACTIVA en otras exposiciones y eventos institucionales que forman parte como partness y exponsors. Algunas de las obras seleccionadas se integrarán en la colección ARTE ALTER, de carácter patrimonial y cultural sin ánimo de lucro o cualquier otro tipo de especulación comercial. La selección ha sido realizada en primer lugar por los propios participantes y, posteriormente, por un jurado extraordinario que actuará en caso de empate.

A selection of 5 works of sound-videoArt has been made. They will represent ACTIVA, together with the pieces of the others sections, in others exhibitions and institutional events that take part as partners and sponsors. Some selected works will be integrated into ARTE ALTER, a collection of cultural and patrimonial character with no profit motive in hand or any other kind of commercial speculation. The selection was made first by the contestants themselves and then by a special jury that will act in case of a tie.