* international sound-videoArt


created by jaime Rguez, 2011

El término sound-videoArt pretende dar un nuevo concepto a las obras digitalizadas en las que se combina la creatividad sonora-musical y la imagen en video generando una simbiosis que se muestra como un lienzo audiovisual en movimiento.

The term sound-videoArt pretends to give a new concept to the digitalized works in which sonorous-musical creativity and image in video are combined to generate a symbiosis that is shown as an audiovisual canvas in movement. 

01- Exomène & Dorianne Wotton - Side by side, 2012
DVD PAL 16:9 | 02’:33” | from Paris, France.
website > www.exomene.com
& www.dorianne-wotton.com


A new A/V performance by Exomene and Dorianne Wotton.
I got lost in life. I do not know how or why it happened. But one day I woke up and I was there. Nowhere. It seemed unreal. I liked it. I found myself by my side. "Side by side". Many things, if they were real, couldn't give pleasure. However, they manage to do so through the game of fantasy. Many emotions, even troubling ones, can be a great source of enjoyment. So, just like a child who plays, we create an imaginary world that we take seriously. We give it large amounts of affects, while we clearly distinguish the reality. But actually, what is real? What is imagination? What if both found themselves "side by side"? It's like a waking dream. We mobilize our intuitive, imaginative, creative and contemplative capabilities. We make this dream a mean to access to a paradoxical and illuminated reality. A reality perceived in both its lightness and its infinite absolute strangeness. To end up "side by side". Confusion of time, space, colors, identities. Interaction with someone which is nobody else but me. Or my image. Out of my body. "Side by side" ... [dorianne wotton & exomène]

02- Sylphides (pat et lo) - Seule avec le vent..., 2012
DVD PAL 4:3 | 05’:10” |
from Ath, Belgium.
website > https://soundcloud.com/sylphides-2
& Sylphides


Juste en dessous des étoiles
l'imagination en mouvement le vol invisible des vents ère en apparence lit sur mes lèvres comme dans mes rêves lit et dévoile les mystères le voile des vents ère balaye les danses étranges où les montagnes rugissent leur plaies un ange étrange rentre dans la danse. [sylphides]
Sylphides ( Patrick Masson & Laurence Lemoine) est un projet creatif et musical (music, video, art visual ... Les Sylphes sont les gardiens de l'air. Ils peuvent faire prendre aux nuages la forme qu'ils souhaitent et nous font souvent des signes d'ailleurs...)

03- farang - kasrak, 2012
DVD PAL 16:9 | 04’:29” | from Baden-Baden, Germany.
website > www.musicforoverexposedcelluloid.com

music and video: stefan schmidt [farang] 2012
music for overexposed celluloid 'farang' is the solo project of composer and classical guitarist stefan schmidt. since 2000 he has released several albums and created music for films, exhibitions and dance performances.
// farang is: stefan schmidt (*1974), graduated teacher for classical guitar Studied at the hfm trossingen and the conservatorio j.j.castro, buenos aires. His sound may be described as a melting pot, integrating elements of industrial and noise as well as of asian, arabic and contemporary classical music.

04- ∆AIMON + Mike TEXTBEAK & William Sarradet - EMPTINESS, 2012 - DVD PAL 16:9 | 04’:31” | from USA.
sound by ∆AIMON (Brant and Nancy Showers of San Diego, California, USA)
remixed by Mike TEXTBEAK (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
visuals created & edited by COUNT BACKWARDS (William Sarradet of Arlington, Texas, USA)

website >∆AIMON https://soundcloud.com/aaimon
& https://soundcloud.com/textbeak
Video by Count Backwards (William Sarradet) > http://wsarradet.wordpress.com/

The video operates as a cinematic collage that aims to fortify the expressive qualities of the sound. Many of my usual devices in video composition are seen here: driving sequences, video artifacts and macro shots of CRT monitors, obscured physiology. Here, they have been applied to indicate allusion to a subject or a narrative that isn't clear. Vague narrative and disorienting perspective play to the properties of the image of ∆AIMON as well as the fact that this track is remixed by TEXTBEAK. Driving in the pouring rain, to an undisclosed location, accompanied by images of a veiled identity fortify the aesthetic of the band. One way to view my video work is as an interpretation of the source audio as a texture, or a visual attitude that reflects the emotive qualities of the melody (William Sarradet)
"With this remix, I tried to exaggerate the dynamic qualities already present in ∆AIMON's music. Playing with offsetting timing and delays in the mellower parts against harsh distorted strict rhythm as a contrast."(Mike Textbeak)

05- Akihiro Shimizu [清水章浩]-Thirdorgan & César Naves - DISCIPLINE13, 2012
DVD PAL 4:3 | 13’:14” |
from Osaka, Japan & La Felguera, Spain.
website > https://soundcloud.com/thirdorgan
& http://noterustas.blogspot.com.es/


Sound composed by Thirdorgan - 清水章浩
Visuals created & edited by César Naves

In a world that we think real, the information overload, the stress, the speed, the bombardment of images and sounds, we have to live in a vortex, hard to stop. Has this be so?

06- Marco Marongiu (Ostacoli Sonori) - ostacolo sonoro n.2 (reworked), ©2012
DVD PAL 4:3 | 04’:04” |
from Cuneo, Italy.
website > http://soundcloud.com/ostacolisonori

Noise, industrial music. My Personal View of a city (Milano).
Marco Marongiu is Ostacoli Sonori sound & visuals
1) Video footage. Wellesz & Co.: Ritratto di Città (1954) Music: Bruno Maderna and Luciano Berio Lyrics: Roberto Lyedi Voices: Nando Gazzolo and Ottavio Fanfani Realization: Studio di Fonologia Musicale della Radiotelevisione Italiana 2) Audio samples. Extracts from: Halim El-Dabh - Wire Recorded Piece - 1944 Luigi Nono - La fabbrica illuminata -1964 Luigi Nono - Ricorda cosa ti hanno fatto in Auschwitz -1966 .

07- Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Julika Poly - Fear of flying, 2012
DVD PAL 16:9 | 04’:38” |
from Chicago, USA & Berlin, Germany.
website > http://www.avachorda.de/ & http://www.polymusicworld.com/


Fear of flying is based on a dream of the sky falling into pieces of light.

`I had this dream. Flying in a dark melancholic Sci-Fi-City like Metropolis. All the skyscrapers were full of mirrors but it was too dark for me.` For the video I tried to catch moments between the lines. between the mirror and the closed door. Between all the lines. The Darkness. For all the lights. composition created using the accidental guitar method. | Julika Poly.

08- Kazuya Nagaya[長屋和哉]& Mónica Ezquerra - Elegía, 2013
DVD PAL 16:9 | 08’:05” | from Hokuto, Japan & Ponferrada, Spain.
website > http://ame-ambient.com/en/
& http://monicaezquerra.blogspot.com.es/5-


Basado en el poema de Dámaso Alonso " Dolor ", Hijos de la ira. Diario íntimo, M., Revista de Occidente, 1944, " Elegía " es una reflexión sobre el dolor moral, visualización de un proceso neurálgico, que partiendo de lo físico, como símbolo o " correlativo objetivo " (T.S Eliot ) se trasmite y transforma, dominante, en una una angustia vital y obsesión espiritual, en el irracional malestar de espíritu que llega a modificar las estructuras celulares. Mónica Ezquerra.

09- Jared C. Balogh & Marlijn Franken - Into the Woods, 2013
DVD PAL 16:9 | 06’:12” |
from Pennsylvania, USA & Amsterdam, Netherlands.
website > http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Balogh
& http://www.marlijnfranken.nl/


The video has been made for a group expo in an ancient (1885) fort near Amsterdam (March 2013). It was on show as a video installation with lots of dead leaves and branches. There is no meaning; there is a feel. A surrealist meeting in the woods. A pond as a mirror. A fish in a tree. On the internet I found Jared’s music. It just fitted. Music and image are 50/50 and form the experience. This is a zero budget collab project.

10- Mind Revolution - Moon, 2013
DVD PAL 4:3 | 02’:07” | from Oviedo, Spain.
website > www.mindrevolution.es
& lafronteraentrechinayparis


Maybe artistic expression is just an evolution of play in children who have grown up but keep intact all of its ludic spirit.
Quizá la expresión artística sólo sea una evolución del juego en niños que han crecido pero conservan intacto su espíritu lúdico.

Mind Revolution es un proyecto formado en 2010 por Eugenia Tejón y Ángel González con la intención de explorar nuevos espacios sonoros y de buscar la colaboración e interacción con otras disciplinas artísticas. Desde entonces el grupo ha editado seis discos y realizado diferentes instalaciones, obras de sound-videoArt y performances. Sus trabajos parten de las reflexiones que el grupo mantiene en torno a la literatura y la filosofía y se concretan en las piezas sonoras y visuales que realizan.

11- Pilvari Pirtola - The only thing that's permanent is destruction, 2013
DVD PAL 16:9 | 01’:00” | from Helsinki, Finland
sound&video by Pilvari "Nosfe" Pirtola

website > http://low.fi/~nosfe/

The only thing that's permanent is destruction is a video/sound piece which focuses on the synchronisation of visuals to the audio. Sound and video were both composed at the same time, each accompanying each other.

12- Jared Balogh & Marcin Chrupek - Personal Differences, 2012
DVD PAL 16:9 | 05’:01” |
from Pennsylvania, USA & Zory, Poland.
website > http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Balogh
& http://www.differentperception.pl

In the world of creativity...

13- M.NOMIZED - Cristal Fishes, 2012
DVD PAL 4:3 | 01’:15” |
from Melun, France.
Music and visual by M.Nomized.
Recorded at Fraction Studio. All rights reserved. P.2012 FRACTION STUDIO
website > m.nomized
& fractionstudio

M.Nomized, né à Paris en 1956. Musicien, compositeur, auteur, interprète, poète et graphiste, il débute en 75 avec la musique contemporaine et la recherche sonore.

14- Michael Chang & Ulf Kristiansen - I feel you, 2012
DVD PAL 4:3 | 05’:16” | from Copenhagen, Denmark & Nesodden, Norway.
website > www.michaelchang.dk
& www.ulfkristiansen.com

"I feel you" is a dreamlike, feverish, poetical, musical horror fantasy.. You may think of the goat as "the storyteller" in the great tradition of the Canterbury Tales, The Decameron and all the romances that have narrators, like Tristan and Isolde. It is s a complex integration of those old traditions, linked to modern times when movies began, and it is brought into the 20th century with my animation. Michael's gentle voice is just the right contrast to the sense of suspense and horror of the damsel being stalked by the villain.
The music is a cover version of a song made by Depeche Mode. The musician is Michael Chang, and we got to know each other through the Exquisite Corpse Video Project curated by Kika Nicolela. Michael Chang is a well established painter and video artist/curator in his homeland Denmark. We started our collaboration in 2009 during a common exhibition at gallery Formverk in Sweden. I needed a musician and vocalist for a video I was working on. Michael Chang has the the talent, the artistic sensitivity and the inclination to help me. I have made 3 films based on his music so far. I am working on a fourth film and I hope to make many more. He makes the music and then I make a video inspired by his music and lyrics.

15- Micah Torrance - The second homo sapiens/In-A-Dada-Da-Vida, 2011 | DVD PAL 4:3 | 06’:45” | from West Bay, Cayman Islands.
website > MARABUcatalogue

Obviously this work is inspired by the 60's/70's psychedelic sound, although my music is called BeBopTwist. It is part of the MARABUcaribe project, a fictive record company with fictive groups of fictive musicians, thus you have the "band's" and the title's name.
MARABUcaribe abducts us into an imaginary parallel universe. It don't open us no exorbitant scenarios of fantastic, unexplored galaxies, but gives us a gap-wide access to a world that is just like ours, only different. It is not the big earth-shattering things that are shown: A megalomanic Doubleyou explodes the towers of Babylon in pieces of the size of a truck, industrial concerns not only pollute the seas in the hunt for oil and poison the drinking water in search of gas. Ecosystems are being cut down to produce chopsticks and the sharks will be extinct for superstition, but MARABUcaribe don't deal with that, just shows us the highlights of a music production without racial barriers in equality and harmony. Tells the story (and the story of the founder, who declined suddenly in the middle of success because he refused to pay the whole madness of the destruction of our livelihood with his taxes), provides us a lot of personalities (which virtually do not age) and gives insight of their production. Before us is evident a "gesamtkunstwerk", a work of cumulative art crafted in over 40 years, consisting of collages, paintings, drawings, plastic arts, photography, music, video and inventing stories as it couldn't be more insufficient. This is not about "Dadaism' or "Neodadaism". It is just Dada.

16- Arnaud BRIHAY - DUBAI SPLIT, 2012
| DVD PAL 16:9 | 01’:30” | from Lyon, France.

website > www.brihay.com

Dubai, after-work, after night, alone watching the city, from the sky. Last lights. Last night. Own personality split...

17- Jonathan Gillie - Escape Velocity, 2013
| DVD PAL 16:9 | 03’:15” | from Nottingham, UK.

website > jongillie.tumblr.com


This animation is a combination of two elements, compositionally it follows on directly from the animation Victoria I. Conceptually I worked with the idea of a transference of energy. Initially it was about the moment of death of a person and progressively came to incorporate elements of Samadhi. In this sense the work represents not the beginning nor end of a transference of energy but simply a single step in a long chain of events. The intitial idea I had about the soundtrack was that at some point I wanted a sense of everything dropping away, the sudden removal any underlying structure. This happens in the first few seconds of the piece, where the intitial rhythmn is replace with an ethereal section, later underpinned by a low musical motif.

Jonathan Gillie working in Moving Image since 1995. Involved with Trampoline Multimedia 1997-2000. One half of av_dv 1999-2004. Currently employed as Senior Technician in Moving Image Dept of NTU. My current practice involves video, animation, computer graphics and sound production.

18- masaya Sasaki [佐々木雅弥]- Yellow Morning Dub, 2012
| DVD PAL 16:9 | 04’:52” | from Hachiouji - Tokyo, Japan.

website > nakaniwa.in

既にmasaya sasakiが制作していた曲"Yellow Morning Dub"
にプロモーションビデオを作ろうとHitomi Tanabe.Takeshi Kobayashi.masaya sasaki.

I was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" famous works. Dream of boys, girls dream of boys dream that does not wake up. Cheshire fish have looked into this place like a cat in the world, such as a maze. Work of the feel of a material such as picture-book.

19- Aseptic Void - Parallel, 2013
| DVD PAL 4:3 | 06’:31” | from Pisa, Italy.

website > www.asepticvoid.altervista.org

"The truth of the flesh is multifaceted"

Artist & Soundtrack Composer from Italy [Dark Ambient / Experimental / Soundscape]

My name is Davide T. and i am a multi-instrumentalist. Aseptic Void, my solo-project, started in 2009. Psychology is very close to my music. Everything i create is nothing but a continuous catharsis. In my compositions i use audio samples (musical instruments and other sounds recorded live) and various electronic devices

20- Roland Quelven - La Chambre de William Seward B, 2012
| DVD PAL 16:9 | 05’:00” | from Finistère, France.

website > napolecitta.com & rolandquelven/videos


Video & Sound / Roland Quelven
Voice / William Seward Burroughs
Footage / Free Prelinger Archives

The cut-up technique is an aleatory literary technique in which a text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text. The concept can be traced to at least the Dadaists of the 1920s, but was popularized in the late 1950s and early 1960s by writer William S. Burroughs, and has since been used in a wide variety of contexts.

21- IDTAL & César Naves - 5-OH-2 FLOW TREE, 2013
| DVD PAL 16:9 | 05’:16” | from Arcata, USA & La Felguera, Spain.

website > soundcloud.com/idtal & noterustas.blogspot

The coupling without aggression, of the human being and nature. An ecological criticism through the way in which things should be.

Skye Speciale left the music scene at this time until his reappearance in 2009 where he resurfaced in his current musical form known now as IDTAL /InDusTreeAlLace and thus started his new journey into music from a fresh perspective and with it a rather unique self creationist style of music that blends many differently sounds from both the organic world around us and the more far out and abstract electronic sounds that Skye likes to use and incorporate into his new and fresh concept of music.

22- Stoklov & Pinina Podestà - Sound Visionary, 2013
| DVD PAL 16:9 | 03’:07” | from Rimini & Catania, Italy.

website > stoklov.bandcamp & www.pininapodesta.it


The video describes an imaginary trip around the world on the phonograph. Original Entry in the background of Thomas Edison Made In the month of October 1888..



Se realiza una selección de 10 obras del apartado sound-videoArt que junto a otras piezas del resto de las secciones,representarán a ACTIVA en otros eventos internacionales que forman parte como partness y exponsors. Algunas de las obras seleccionadas se integrarán en la colección ARTE ALTER, de carácter patrimonial y cultural sin ánimo de lucro o cualquier otro tipo de especulación comercial. La selección ha sido realizada en primer lugar por los propios participantes y, posteriormente, por un jurado extraordinario que actúa en caso de que el listado no quedase totalmente definido.

A selection of 10 works of sound-videoArt has been made. They will represent ACTIVA, together with the pieces of the others sections, in other international events that take part as partners and sponsors. Some selected works will be integrated into ARTE ALTER, a collection of cultural and patrimonial character with no profit motive in hand or any other kind of commercial speculation. The selection was made first by the contestants themselves and then by a special jury that should act in case the list was not completely defined.

[ featured Artist ]


01- Nicolas Koroloff - [IMMERSION], 2013
DVD PAL 4:3 | 02’:05” | from Le Mans, France.
webdesigner > [ GALLERY T ]

un coding de Nicolas Koroloff
un mix de Nicolas Koroloff
sound & digital video created by Nicolas Koroloff

The abstraction visual of the sound.

Immersion a coding worked on a the concept of the interaction of frequencies and colors ..... speed and random ... a abstraction visual of the sound. Geometric abstraction, art concret or, constructivisme in mouvement.


01- Isabel Pérez del Pulgar & Shiri Malckin - Ginger is living II, 2013
DVD PAL 16:9 | 04’:15” | from Granada, Spain & Tel Aviv , Israel.
website > soundcloud.com/shiri-malckin & isaperezdelpulgar.blogspot

Video & performer by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar.
Music by Shiri Malckin

Introspección constructiva de una emoción.


01- Juan Carlos Sánchez Duque - LOOP MY KISS, 2008
DVD PAL 16:9 | 05’:40” | from Ciudad Real, Spain.
website > www.duqueart.com

Loop my kiss es una videoinstalación que se refiere a los clásicos cinematográficos. El video a partir del film “El beso del asesino” (1955) dirigido por Stanley Kubrick, representa algo más que el trasfondo de la imagen. La historia es diseccionada, extrayendo algunos fragmentos y después son reordenados y modelados. La dimensión temporal se comprime y reordena en una experiencia temporal recortada.
Este trabajo indaga en sucesos cuyo origen y desenlace se desconocen, recurriendo a elementos de acción extrapolados y mostrados simultáneamente. La repetición de actos, y sus variaciones, centra la atención y eleva la importancia, incluso, de secuencias de menor consideración. En otras secuencias, este hecho acrecienta el sentimiento ambiguo y de equívoco.


02- osvaldo cibils - N°4 installation on monitor, 2013
DVD PAL 16:9 | 03’:00” | from Trento, Italy .
website > osvaldocibils.com

Monitor LG Flatron E2251 SUPER LED 51 x 32 centimeters. Sony TCM-16 Pressman Portable Cassette Recorder. Cell phone Nokia C2-01. Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player. Logitech webcam digital. Drawings graphite 0.5 B and blue pen on paper. Drawings printed on paper. Title, date and name, hand made with drypen blue on paper. Photo profile, name, URL and e-mail printed on paper. Plastic cup. Adhesive tape. Video roll of paper. Animated GIF. SWF digital animations. Collage on cardboard. Can of peas hanging with jingle bell. Speaker boxes. LK texts, drawings and photos on background wall. Nylon. Cables.
Vídeo original realizado con cámara digital Canon IXUS 115 HS. Soundart osvaldo cibils, grabaciones de campo, objetos móviles y RolloSONIC software. Video-sonido performance de osvaldo cibils . Espacio de trabajo, detrás del Castillo del Buonconsiglio, Via della Cervara, 55 - 38121 - Trento (TN) Italia. 6 de marzo 2013, 11:30 horas.
osvaldo cibils. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. Lives and works in Trento, Italy. His work is mainly oriented towards drawings, computer sounds and shortlow videos.

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> from January 30 to February 28, 2014 in the Gallery TEXU, Oviedo, Spain.
> from Mars 14 to June 19, 2014 in the Gloria Heldmound.

> in October 17, 2014 Oij Samartin del Rei Aurelio, Sotrondio.