Froid (Frío). by Dorianne Wotton
spanish subtitles - DVD PAL 16:9 - 4'56’’ [2011/12]

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New "spoken worms", involving reading, video and music. Performed by a trio Exomène (music:, Marianne (text and interpretation: and Dorianne Wotton (images), our three dream, disturbing and crazy worlds intersect, tangle and merge to create the spoken worms: audiovisual pieces in which each medium is strengthened to immerse the audience in their imaginary ternary. Each artist brings his sensitivity, his approach. There is a high complementarity between the protagonists of these creations. Round trips between writing, music and images are extremely exciting for everyone. They make the transposition of words, pictures and music spectacle in a real research and a perpetual creation.


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