* international sound-videoArt


created by ©jaime Rguez, 2011

El término sound-videoArt pretende dar un nuevo concepto a las obras digitalizadas en las que se combina la creatividad sonora-musical y la imagen en video generando una simbiosis que se muestra como un lienzo audiovisual en movimiento.

The term sound-videoArt pretends to give a new concept to the digitalized works in which sonorous-musical creativity and image in video are combined to generate a symbiosis that is shown as an audiovisual canvas in movement. 

Sergio Blardony & Marta Azparren - Tracto, 2012
PAL – 3:4 | 04:58 | from Madrid, Spain.

website > www.sergioblardony.com & www.martaazparren.es


sound created by Sergio Blardony
video created by Marta Azparren
ob-art produccion

Endoscopy inside a bass saxophone. "Tract is the image of an inert place, which when touched, it becomes an organic center, a confluence of the dry and the moist, the perfect and the throbbing, the calculated and the unpredictable. Is a journey through an interior preserved, the path through the dark cave whose holes arises breathing, halite and noise. " (Pilar Martín Gila)
Endoscopia/ viaje por el interior de un saxofón bajo. "Tracto es la imagen de un lugar inerte que, al ser tocado, se transforma en centro orgánico, confluencia de lo seco y lo húmedo, de lo perfecto y lo palpitante, de lo calculado y lo imprevisible. Es el viaje por un interior preservado, el recorrido por la oscura gruta de cuyos orificios surge la respiración, el aliento y el ruido." (Pilar Martín Gila)
Intérprete: Andrés Gomis Sonidos grabados con un saxofón bajo marca Selmer Serie II.

e-mail: sblardony@quomusic.com | martazpa@gmail.com


-Francesca Leoni & Davide Mastrangelo - Equi-Librium, 2014
PAL – 16:9 | 04:30 | from Forli, Italy.

website > www.leonimastrangelo.com


sound created by Francesca Leoni
video created by Francesca Leoni & Davide Mastrangelo

Equi-librium. A latin word that is composed by “equi” (same) “librium” (weight). But what is the real meaning of that word inside one self, inside a couple, inside a space? How can the chaos become equilibrium? This is a work about the search of equilibrium.

e-mail: francescaleoni@yahoo.com


PAL – 16:9 | 04:30 | from Napoli, Italy & Langreo, Spain
website > sonologyst.bandcamp.com | noterustas.blogspot.com.es


sound created by SONOLOGYST
video created by CESAR NAVES

... Etc.

e-mail: rapezzel71@yahoo.com | cesar.m.naves@outlook.es


-Noise Research & David Anthony Sant - Driven, 2013
PAL – 4:3 | 04:36 | from Cley next the Sea, Wales & Sydney, Australia.

website > electronicmusik.wordpress.com | vimeo.com/davidanthonysant


sound created by Noise Research
video created by David Anthony Sant

Sydney’s round-the-clock urban thoroughfare. Australia’s first inner-city highway. A twenty three kilometre stretch of tarmac and concrete lined with motor industry retailing and servicing that professes in no uncertain terms the sovereignty of the motor car. Exposed as a tangle of pollution, noise and drudgery in daylight, but at night transformed into an erratic landscape where darkness is punctured with floodlights and fleeting headlights.

e-mail: explode100@hotmail.com | kimsant@pnc.com.au


-Marc Vilanova - Saxophone Miniature , 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 01 :16 |
from BCN, Spain. / Basel, Switzerland.
website > www.marcvilanova.com


sound & video created by Marc Vilanova
Recording: Luc de la Salle

Saxophonist Marc Vilanova’s work is focused on the exploration of the instrument, as well as ongoing research into new sounds, techniques and expressions connected with technology and other arts. His primary interest is to open new sound spaces that invite the audience on an inner voyage. Silence, quiet music, contemplative performance and delicate atmospheres are the paths of his exploration.

e-mail: marcvilanovapinyol@gmail.com


guest Artists [ ACTIVA ]


-Anaïs Lelièvre - CLOC lava en Islande, 2016
DVD HD 16:9 | 03:06 | from Paris, France.
website > www.anaislelievre.com

CLOC is embodied by Amanda Billberg, Kae Ishimoto, Anaïs Lelièvre and Bastien Lemaître.
Sound recording : Simon Whetham.

CLOCS are sculptures in incessant metamorphoses, improvised performances which interact with all contexts, undefined beings who rediscover the world apart from established benchmarks. CLOCS are piles of used clothes, sewn to one another with elastic links, to the point of forming an enveloppe that bodies below wear as their skin and make alive. These relational membranes, folded and unpredictable, adapt to varied situations, recreating each time a surprise. Form of life hatching and becoming, CLOCS are also a matrix which create multiple reactions for passers. They appear suddenly at the bend of alleys and other common nooks to renew and question our way of existing in the public space, of meeting the other, and cohabiting with him.
Anaïs Lelièvre lives in France, in Paris and in Marseille. She studied art in the University Paris 1 and in Beaux-Arts in Rueil-Malmaison and in Rouen. She creates drawings, installations, sculptures and also the sculptures-performances CLOC.

e-mail: anaislelievre.cloc@gmail.com

- Salome MC - Concelment
| حجب | 2013

DVD PAL – 16:9 | 01:47 | from Tehran, Iran.
website > www.salomemc.com

sound & video created by Salome MC

Time and again we reveal, just to show another layer of cover
Time and again we seem to conceal, but we are baring our soul tower.

Salome Mc is an Iranian Hip hop and multi-media artist. She has released three Hip Hop albums online, along with self-made music videos and gained recognition as the first female rapper of Iran. She added experimental audio/visual art projects to her field of work after moving to Japan, and had various performances, Exhibitions and screenings in around the world. She has a bachelor’s degree in textile design from Iran and a master’s degree in audio/visual arts from Japan

e-mail: salome@salomemc.com






> From March 3 to April 1, 2017 - CMAE, Avilés (Spain)

+ inf.


remaining Participants unselected


01- Jay Alan Yim & Marlena Novak - Dining Tsars, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 02:54| from Chicago, USA.
website > shinkyoku.org & www.localstyle.tv

sound created by Jay Alan Yim
video created by Marlena Novak

The virtual and the physical realms converge in "Dining Tsars"; although in former times such an exquisitely elaborate porcelain setting would only be enjoyed by aristocrats and royalty, now it can be scanned by any consumer with a free 3D phone app. The glitch effects produce a surreal but historically prescient tableau populated by figurines with guillotined heads, melting dinnerware, and strangely embalmed peacocks. A flock of 3D modeled ‘drone-like entities’ execute reconnaissance maneuvers under the gaze of a herd from a different dynasty. The sound-score détournes a movement from Tchaikovsky’s “Pathétique”, which was itself a subversion of symphonic expectations.

e-mail: jayalanyim@comcast.net | marlenanovak@xs4all.nl

02- Abel Jiménez Rivas - Crisálida | Chrysalis, 2014
PAL – 16:9 | 08:40 | from Barcelona, Spain.
website > www.caminando-art.com

sound & video created by Abel Jiménez Rivas

The intent of this project is to create a visual metaphor on a current event that affects many young people given the historical context of crisis in which we find ourselves, the difficulty of emancipation as a form of natural evolution of adulthood.
Chrysalis, seen as a container element of natural transformation, abandoned by the insect at its adult stage, helps us to express the idea that evolutionary space that could well be our family home.
When the social context does not allow these adults leave their space transformation, the agony and anxiety of who wants to escape an oppressive space is created.

e-mail: caminandoart@gmail.com

03- Miguel Potes - Rutina de un sueño, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 02:06 | from Cali, Colombia.
website > www.behance.net/Miguelpotes

sound & video created by Miguel Potes

Como un recuerdo se mantiene en nuestra memoria para siempre, este es el recuerdo de un padre, no muy buen padre, que hace que cada noche al llegar a casa se convierta en una pesadilla recurrente para Jessica, tanto como si fuera su sombra, quien la sigue todo el tiempo.

e-mail: miguelpotesc@gmail.com

04- Şinasi Güneş - GICIR, 2006
PAL – 4:3 | 03:03 | from Istanbul, Turkey.
website > sinasigunes.net

sound & video created by Şinasi Güneş

The artist is turning a basic action of cleaning his guitar into a heareble performance. He is showing the invisible visions in an ironic way.
Güneş wasborn in 1968 andlives&works in Istanbul. Havingcompleted his Master at Marmara University, Fine Art Faculty, Department of Painting in 1992.

e-mail: sinasig@gmail.com

05- Xavi Torrents - The Yet untitled book, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 03:01 | from Barcelona, Spain.
website > www.ob-art.com/en/artists/-.torrents

sound & video created by Xavi Torrents Ustrell (alias .torrents)
ob-art produccion

I was interested in the cut&paste culture and video sampling from the earlys Youtube era (2005). At that time, I created my firsts video-remixes, mashups, videosongs and began to interest with making and editing with appropriate material at a video-musical project called O.A.U (quite fun!) Since 2009 approx. I started filming my own material and create experimental music projects. I'm currently filming a documentary / mockumentary (first) on culture Dj In the video “The Yet untitled book”, the visual artist Mariana Orozco stayed along 7 months writing in a continuos paper in a hall.

e-mail: xavi.torrents@tutanota.de

06- Tea Guarascio - Slip Away, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 04:28 | from Barcelona, Spain.
website > teaguarascio.net

sound & video created by Tea Guarascio
ob-art produccion

Photographer, video artist and V.J., her works of videoart usually treat facts related to gender, sexuality and the human body, with syncopated and hypnotic rhythm, alternating colors, speed and sound. In “Slip away”, the solitude of nature is interrupted by the passage of our eyes, that as a knife cuts landscape Lynchian memory .. the vast horizon becomes the thousand shades of white on colorful panoramas ... and our passage makes the pieces ice, the sky drag our trip in a surreal dimension..

e-mail: info@teaguarascio.net

Eden Mitsenmacher - Couldn't Dream Anywhere, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 03:39 | from Rotterdam, Netherlands.
website > www.edenmitsenmacher.com

sound & video created by Eden Mitsenmache

I went to the woods today, Cause I couldn't dream anywhere I went to the woods today Cause I couldn't dream anywhere I went to the woods today But I couldn't sleep anyway Why? I couldn't take away the time... It seems our consciousness is fascinated by our own hands. It makes sense, for aren't they a symbol of our agency? That endlessly fragile agency, the sense of which is mostly constructed, almost dreamt up. Yet we're searching for it relentlessly. Hurtling through space like that, is restlessness any wonder? And so we dream… We dream meaning into the vortex. We escape to the woods. Our woods. We code representations of our imagined bodies into cyberspaces and spend our time watching them. Mesmerised. There's something out there... Listen carefully. A lullaby. A nursery rhyme. A mantra. Meaning as self-soothing. Dreaming while wondering how come we're running out of places to dream, to even just sleep. Out of space. Out of time. So let yourself drift away to the sound of the hum of the spheres. This too shall pass.

e-mail: edenmitsenmacher@gmail.com

08- René Muñoz Córdova & Eija Temisevä - Creation, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 04:28 | from Santiago de Chile, Chile & Espoo, Finland.
website > sites.google.com/site/renemucor & vimeo.com/user16277842

sound created by René Muñoz Córdova
video created by Eija Temisevä

An imaginary version of the process of creation. In that process the limits inside the mind of a creative person and the "object" that is been created interlaces an equivocal mixture.

e-mail: renem1020@gmail.com | eija.temiseva@gmail.com

09- Shivkumar K V - Work in progress, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 01:01 | from Vijayawada, India.
website > shivkumarkvart.webnode.com

Performence Video Art created by Shivkumar K V

The consistent life in work for the existence, Is bewildered, twisted thoughts in congested suffocations. The happy or Joy or living in a world seems of a frog in well. The living in colours though disruption in prevail. The play with the soccer ball or the matter of mobile phone in use at a time is said to be the man in continues outcome of the soul and body. The restless in the heaven looking like hell. He’s managing the things without the life of inner eyes interpretation. But as the man from concrete jungle, building the self of materialistic life out of the unhappy soul in the sweat bath.

e-mail: sivaart7@yahoo.com

10- Philippe Lamy & Sandrine Deumier - GogatsuByo, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 14:51 | from Toulouse, France.
website > philippe-lamy.ner & sandrinedeumier.com

sound created by Philippe Lamy
video created by Sandrine Deumier

Alter ego and its ambiguities. The question of the double in light of the multiplication of the identity established by our digital behavior. "GogatsuByo" - the place of ego as a stretchable zone.

e-mail: pslamy@free.fr | saemdre@aol.com

12- Deep Rodding Trio & Christopher Lawrence - I Am The Magnificent/An Elegy For The Harringtons Who Were Eaten By Their Dogs, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 04:32 | from London, UK.
website > www.christopherlawrence.co.uk

sound created by Deep Rodding Trio (Oliver Sanders, Niamh Proctor, Christopher Lawrence)
video created by Christopher Lawrence

Deep Rodding Trio physically manipulate 7-inch vinyl records, working on three separate turntables to bring about coherent structure through telepathic understanding. The track and related video take their name from the story of a south London pie and mash shop whose owner was killed and eaten by dogs.


13- vÄäristymä - Kunhan, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 04:56 | from Helsinki, Finland.
website > vaaristyma.webs.com

sound & video created by Janne Liimatainen & Jarko Hedenius a.k.a. vÄäristymä

Janne Liimatainen and Jarko Hedenius, two brothers from Helsinki, Finland, began creating music with computers in 1992. Within a few years, the computers gave way to the raw and primitive world of analogue gear. When some experimental, self-made sound-sustaining structures were added, the music began to evolve into a more unexpected and exploratory direction and vÄäristymä was born. The music was created without synchronization, without any kind of metronomic coordination, and recorded exclusively in one take.

e-mail: vaaristymamail@gmail.com

14- Pierre Ajavon - L'Heure Bleue, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 03:19 | from Paris, France.
website > pierreajavon.com

sound & video created by Pierre Ajavon

« L'Heure Bleue », period between the day and night, the conscious & unconscious....

e-mail: rueedgarpoe@gmail.com

PAL – 16:9 | 03:26 | from Porto/Leiria, Portugal.
website > dogmainrecords.bandcamp.com | sakimawu.tumblr.com

sound & video created by SAKIMA WU

This short video was made shooting on Android phone, applying shadow effect on video.
SAKIMA WU is a Human from Planet Earth, besides he likes to travel.

e-mail: sakimawu@gmail.com

16- Mally Harpaz & claRa apaRicio yoldi - Starry Starry Night, 2014
PAL – 16:9 | 04:32 | from London, UK.
website > www.mallyharpazmusic.co.uk
& www.aclararte.com

sound created by Mally Harpaz
video created by claRa apaRicio yoldi

An abstract painting in movement based on Vincent Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night. Defined by lines and dots, it is a play of audiovisual rhythms, colours and shapes, light and darkness..

e-mail: clara@aclararte.com

17- Paul J Botelho & Russell J Chartieri - 1999 deconstructed, 2013
PAL – 16:9 | 04:17 | from Orlando FL, USA.
website > pauljbotelho.com
& pauljbotelho.com/videoart

sound created by Paul J Botelho & video created by Russell J Chartier

The video component exploits the artifacts that are inherent to the video medium as a conscious deconstruction of the medium itself. The musical component of this work centers around an ascending melodic fragment which is presented through distressed piano recordings. Viola da gamba, voice, and environmental recordings along with sounds found in the composer's archive that date from the year 1999 are collaged together to form a tapestry upon which various transformations of the piano fragment are set upon. An important aspect of the collaboration between Russell J. Chartier and Paul J. Botelho is the principle of synchronicity. The video artist and the composer never work directly with one another’s work during the collaboration. Only the specific duration of the piece is agreed upon and no other communication in regard to the work is made during the collaboration. Solely upon the completion of both the video and music components is the work realized. The artists call this process a collective subconscious, a term which refers not only to the exclusionary creative actions which take place in their collaborative effort, but more broadly as the commonality that permeates betwixt the artists and those close to them .

e-mail: Russell.Chartier@golfchannel.com

18- Mónica Ezquerra - DIALELO, 2015
PAL – 16:9 | 08:40 | from Ponferrada, Spain.
website > monicaezquerra.blogspot.com.es | monicaezquerracollage.blogspot.com.es

sound created by Eliane Radigue
video created by Mónica Ezquerra

Tensar es existir | Esbozo para una topografía de los espacios mentales

e-mail: moezgu@hotmail.com

20- Pedro Bericat a.k.a. Mute Sound - A la recherche du temps perdu, 2011
PAL – 4:3 | 09:00 | from Zaragoza, Spain.
website > www.mutesound.org/pedrobericat

sound & video created by Mute Sound

"A la recherche du temps perdu".........Sobre el recuerdo a la obra de Marcel Proust... Se trata de un hipnótico proceso producido al encender y apagar un televisor de épocas pasadas.

e-mail: mutesoundrecords@gmail.com

22- Lauren Rodz & Camille Escudero - Vacillements de rétine ( "wobbling retina"), 2013
PAL – 16:9 | 01:54 | from Montpellier, France & Brussels, Belgium.
website > laurenrodz.tumblr.com | camilleescudero.tumblr.com

sound created by Lauren Rodz
video created by Camille Escudero

It’s a stalking. A skyline stalking. A stalking of acousmatic bodies, these bodies which we don’t know the source. This stalking scratches our eye, makes that eye has doubts about things outlines. This stalking makes that eye abdicates reality.

e-mail: laurenrodz@yahoo.com | camille.escudero@gmail.com

23- Bob Bicknell-Knight - Utopian Realism, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 08:43 | from London, UK.
website > www.bobbicknell-knight.com

sound & video created by Bob Bicknell-Knight

A video work that considers how the internet has slowly changed over recent years, due to the over-utilization of technology and the screen that's been facilitated by the corporations that control and monitor the internet, in order to restrain the first world needs of the average consumer

e-mail: bbk12345678910@gmail.com

24- Simon Coates - Zola Panama, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 05:45 | from Dubai, UAE.
website > www.simoncoates.com

sound & video created by Simon Coates

Zola Panama features footage of an abandoned survival craft I discovered on a beach in Fujeireh in the United Arab Emirates. Research uncovered that it had belonged to an oil tanker that had disappeared without explanation or investigation off the coast of Fujairah in 2015. As the tanker's disappearance was never investigated, there are no reports of survivors (or otherwise). There are various websites that track the whereabouts of registered commercial shipping and the tanker (named Zola, last registered in Panama) is shown to be at anchor at a latitude of 25.34415° and a longitude of 56.48769°. The soundtrack is made from ambient noise recorded at the scene.

e-mail: simon.john.coates@gmail.com

25- Sid and Jim - You've Got Your Arm In The Head Hole [The Label's Sticking Out], 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 02:58 | from London, UK.
website > www.sidandjim.com

sound & video created by Sid and Jim

Presented is material (visual and auditory) sourced from randomly generated Internet sites and visually similar image/sound searches. The film is primarily focused on mapping, and the divisions it leads to, and the differences between places (virtual and physical). The title is a further nod towards this; we all know the frustration of putting ones arm into the head hole of a t-shirt or jumper, leaving the only other remaining openings too small to fit ones head. This draws a parallel with the search for answers through furious googling is shown through a stream of similarly related content all happening at simultaneously.

e-mail: bicknellknight@gmail.com

27- H. C. Turk - Gesture With No Message, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 04:16 | from Summerfield, USA.
website > http://hcturk.com

sound & video created by H. C. Turk

A spectrum analyzer visually depicts a sound piece as it plays.

e-mail: h_c_turk@embarqmail.com

28- Paco Valverde - Traducción # 42, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 03:01 | from Elche, Spain.
website > tercerpaisaje.blogspot.com.es

sound & video created by Paco Valverde

Este proyecto tiene dos propósitos: el primero, plantear lo vulnerable que es la información, el como un maleware o virus podría destruir nuestra memoria, la cual está siendo recopilada en millones de archivos digitalizados; la segunda tiene que ver con la definición de paisaje, el termino con el que acostumbramos a valorar el territorio y ciertas particularidades de este, pero ahora planteado desde la perspectiva de tener ante nosotros un lugar no explorado por el hombre, solo visto a través de aproximaciones de robots, sobre la superficie de Marte, en varias misiones NASA que nos han mostrado su superficie: lugares con cráteres, colinas, estratos, afloraciones, semejantes a las que ya tenemos en nuestro planeta. / Estos nuevos territorios representan lugares donde todavía no se ha consumado la conquista de la horizontalidad, espacios donde la línea imaginaria que supone el horizonte permanece inalterada, y por tanto la conquista de estas vastas extensiones de terreno aún está por llegar.

e-mail: correodepacovalverde@gmail.com

29- Tamara Laï - GAPS, 2014
PAL – 16:9 | 04:40 | from Liège, Belgium.
website > users.skynet.be/tamara.lai | tamaralai01.wixsite.com/artist

sound & video created by Tamara Laï
© Tamara Laï / THALAMUS Prod.

Experimental road movie.
Gaps: offsets, fractures, voids in our modern lives... Embracing all kind of places people
'Meetings, moments of communion with the world in all its states!

e-mail: tamara.lai@skynet.be

30- Janusz Brudniewicz - JB 720 NXS 25881 Project + , 2015
PAL – 4:3 | 08:23 | from Montpellier, France.
website > soundcloud.com/januszbrudniewicz

sound & video created by Janusz Brudniewicz

The "JB 720 NXS 25881 + Project" video is composed of a generative sound and a visual construction. Firstly, the visual is various stacked layers added to a digital process on sequences of fixed photographies / ultra-macro / in order to overtake their figurative representations in the aim to highlight pictorial forms. On the other side, the sound lead to an electro-acoustic atmosphere, predominated by tones with remarkable depth. Moreover, it is completed by a sound thinking on electric guitar. The work forms geometric and generative shapes seeking to global balance emphasizing creative and experimental thinking.

e-mail: jjjbbb34000@hotmail.fr

32- Pinina Podestà & Shiri Malckin - As a Ghost, 2016
PAL – 16:9 | 04:31 | from Augusta (sr), Italy & Tel Aviv, Israel.
website > www.pininapodesta.it | shiri-malckin.bandcamp.com

video created by Pinina Podestà
sound created by Shiri Malckin

The Airship Hangar of Augusta, built between 1917-1920 in the context of World War I, is a work of engineering of historical and technical value.

e-mail: pinina.podesta@gmail.com | shirimalckin@walla.co.il

33- Sylphides - imaginosonore #6, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 02:47 | from Ath, Belgium.
website > sylphides2.bandcamp.com

sound & video created by Sylphides (Pat & Lo)

[6 sons et 6 images]

e-mail: sylphides@live.be

34- Grant Petrey - Filament, 2014
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 06:08 | from London, UK.
website > www.grantpetrey.com

sound & video created by Grant Petrey

Filament explores temporality and phenomena within moving image and sound. Central to the work is an engagement with subjectivity and mediation to approach notions of the sublime. This processed work responds to passages within Lacan's IX Seminar (1961 - 62) that questions interiority and exteriority.

e-mail: grantpetrey@hotmail.com

35- Philippe Neau a.k.a. nobodisoundz - errance, 2015
DVD PAL – 16:9 | 07:03 | from Saint Jean sur Erve, France.
website > philippeneau.blogspot.com

sound & video created by Philippe Neau a.k.a. nobodisoundz

"Errance" suggests a suspended moment in the landscape. A slow-vibrating and colored time for a visual walk. The textured pictures resound with choked and distant sounds. We are in " a mental landscape". The sound participates at the rate of the movies. It follows, underlines, amplifies this atmosphere to get and take the viewer in an experience beyond the reality.
A moment, sometimes short, powerful and lively when the viewer is taken by pictures and the sound. The experimental form of my movies is an asserted esthetic choice where the not narrative bias is assumed to leave free the sensitive perception of the viewer.

e-mail: philippe.neau4@gmail.com




Se realiza una selección de 5 obras del apartado sound-videoArt que junto a otras piezas del resto de las secciones, representarán ACTIVA en otras exposiciones y eventos institucionales que forman parte como partness y exponsors. Algunas de las obras seleccionadas se integrarán en la colección ARTE ALTER, de carácter patrimonial y cultural sin ánimo de lucro o cualquier otro tipo de especulación comercial. La selección ha sido realizada en primer lugar por los propios participantes y, posteriormente, por un jurado extraordinario que actuará en caso de empate.

A selection of 5 works of sound-videoArt has been made. They will represent ACTIVA, together with the pieces of the others sections, in others exhibitions and institutional events that take part as partners and sponsors. Some selected works will be integrated into ARTE ALTER, a collection of cultural and patrimonial character with no profit motive in hand or any other kind of commercial speculation. The selection was made first by the contestants themselves and then by a special jury that will act in case of a tie.