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jaime rguez

C/ Ría de Avilés, 17. 2ºA. Avilés, 33401 Asturias - Spain
Tf: (+34) 627 652 762
Websites: www.kaosart.org
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He has born in Oviedo, 1968. Work and live in Aviles, Spain. Multidisciplinary creative in different artistic media. He thinks of art as a science and is developing a theory about it. Defender of the collaboration between differents creative’s forms and the constant evolution of personal creativity and the use of news technologies in the art.

Degree in Geography and History. University of Oviedo (1994) + Graduated in Art and Design. High School of Art, Oviedo (1996) + Postdoctoral in Art History "Art City", University of Oviedo (1997-1998) + Technician in Graphic Design. Specialized in Web page design and java environment Connective formation. Technology Park School of Asturias (2001-02) + Postdoctoral Fellowship of Canon Foundation digital space and new technologies applied to contemporary art in 大学 Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan (2002) + Een artistiek onderzoek naar een van Beeldende transpositie in herhaling stilted. Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunst. Hogeschool Gent - Ghent, Belgium (2003) + Web design, multimedia, graphics and media, COCEMFE, Gijon. Asturias. (2004-2006) + Professional Training and chalcographic lithography, Viña Lithography, Gijon, Asturias (2008). Ph.D. in Art History & Master: Analysis and Management in Contemporary Art at the University of Barcelona (2010-12)

Different studies of artistic formation with various artists and theorists of Art like Jonathan Talbot, Peter Bosch, José Ramón Alcalá, Beatriz Corredoira, José Maldonado, Paco Aguilar, Julio Castaño, Miguel Galano, Salvador Corratgé, Tània Costa, Martí Manem, Pilar Bonet, Àlex Nogueras, Montse Badia, Antonio Ortega, David G. Torres, Ester Prat and others.

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