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Art, considered as creation, is a way of knowledge in a continuous process and it can be said that artists are similar to a seismograph that takes note of the different changes in humankind; creatives make questions and give testimonies. Art has a great capacity to transform our perception of the moment and of History. This the reason why artistic creation has its own “raison d’être” in the production of content from both aspects: contextual and existential.

Art is a reflection of its own times, of the times it is born and develops. Building a Contemporary Art collection is an option as interesting as daring, an uncomplexed approach to the present artistic creation. This implies a will to take part in this moment at the same time that we assume its contradictions. Starting and developing a collection from this concept implies the vocational effort of being part of a time that will turn into a present for the future, a direct resource for History.

ARTE ALTER is a collaborative collection that has been born from the personal exchange and from the altruistic donation of the artists. This means an attempt to transcend the sphere of the art gallery as a “limited” art centre and become a cultural heritage that reflects a temporal framework of reference: the second decade of the XXI century.

The collection is based on three fundamental principles: Collaboration, Openness and Integrity.

The objectives of the contemporary art collection ARTE ALTER are::   

- The building of a cultural heritage that reflects a view of contemporary art creation
- To give support to the propositions and artistic discourses of the present time.
- To become an innovative sphere for dialogue and knowledge
- To create a physical expositive space, with no profit motive in mind, that offers the ideal conditions of register and prevention.

In order to give expression to these objectives, ARTE ALTER will work on different aspects that range from the consolidation of the collection ( cataloguing, preservation and incorporation of new works) to a series of actions directed to spread contemporary art and its knowledge: exhibitions, projects, presentations and other events. In this way, the section of ARTE ALTER included in the web site kaosArt, not only tries to be an informative space but also a platform of knowledge, with reasoned texts on the works, that serves to the development of other activities and proposals.

At the moment ARTE ALTER is a collection with no physical space for a permanent exhibition; that is the reason for the idea of a nomadic collection. The possibility of a permanent exhibition in a specific place will only be considered depending on the interest of any public or private entity and providing that it respects the patrimonial and no profit motive as well as its principles and objectives. At the same time it should provide the necessary conditions to house, keep and preserve the whole of the collection..

ARTE ALTER keeps the personal commitment of the artists towards an attitude of constant curiosity and fidelity to the evolution of art, to the wish of give the needed support to any kind of investigation and be receptive to the different activities organized by other entities or exhibitions that give recognition to the collection and are a way to spread the knowledge of the artistic creation and its process. The collection must be dealt in a creative way and considered as a learning experience so that it can develop in an organic and consistent way.

The ARTE ALTER collection articulates from a series of focal points that redefine such concepts as Image, Perception, Memory (individual and collective) or Original Perspectives but we can also consider inner and subjective sights, particular approaches...

The criteria that modulate the collection are based in different motivations of concept and it has a non-commercial approach. in this way, there is no aspiration to create a total or global collection:

-There is no attention to rigid categories; the concepts give shape to a structure that evolves.
-A group of significative works is preferred to isolated works.
-There is a coexistence of all the different techniques and any can be present in the collection. However, those artistic expressions related to video-art are the most common in the collection.
-There is an interest in bringing together creatives with different concepts and approaches, so that diversity can be evident.

Any possible economical profit will be used for the collection keeping, care and restoration. This is something that characterizes it and moves it away from other kind of more conventional collections.

maría castellanos & jaime Rguez
Managers and coordinators; ARTE ALTER Collection



Cesión de obras de la colección en exposiciones temporales. El principal requisito es que el museo o centro que  quiere exponer las obras reúna las condiciones necesarias para  su exposición, así como el traslado y la manipulación de las mismas.

Se establece un seguro "a todo riesgo" desde el momento que las obras salen de nuestro almacén hasta que son devueltas. Este seguro corre a cargo del centro que pide las obras e incluye el traslado y la duración de la exposición.

                Obras en depósito en régimen de comodato por un periodo de "x" años renovables: En este caso el museo o centro de arte tiene poder para exponer y ceder las obras a otro centro, pero deben hacer constar que  son obras en depósito de la colección ARTE ALTER.

Design of the project and collection : jaime Rguez
Programming: Jaime Rodríguez & María Castellanos
Traducción al inglés / English translation: Angel González

Entering and editing of content:

Jaime Rodriguez, the creatives and each of the authors who made ​​the reasoned comment of the works

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