Quelven Roland

by Roland Quelven

PAL 16:9 H264 | 05:40
Ed. no venal / H.C.

"Collage with sounds from the Souncities databank."
Footage from free Prelinger Archives Materials recorded by FOOTAGE / Prelinger free archive - Images recorded in Brittany by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar and Roland Quelven.
AUDIO / Sounds from Soundcities database VIDEO / Roland Quelven

Roland Quelven cv
Roland Quelven cinely / 2016

This work is selected & winner in ACTIVA'2015
It is part of the art collection ARTEALTER'collection

Death Fugue B50.02-L19.20
Roland Quelven & Tania Giannouli

Voice / Paul Celan reading Todesfuge.
Music / Tania Giannouli & Video / Roland Quelven
DVD PAL 16:9 03'15"
Ed. no venal / H.C.

Auschwitz-Birkenau coordinates 50°02'N - 19°10'E. "Dawn came on us like a betrayer; it seemed as though the new sun rose as an ally of our enemies to assist in our destruction.” Primo levi.

Roland Quelven Born in Quimper, France in 1967. Napolecitta or the fractal virtues of Detail: I started this project in 1999 through paintings devoted to a description of an ancient imaginary city named Napolecitta (fusing Napoli and Cinecitta)
In 2009: Animations Flash and digital collages. Since 2010: Videos in quicktime format. The ancient city has become an encyclopedic world also named Napolecitta. Most of my videoworks are numbered assembling a register, an imaginary official record. Combinations of numbers, maps, writings, paintings and masterpieces of Art history digitally assembled, all this seen through the prism of the Detail.
Roland Quelven cv
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Tania Giannouli studied piano (Soloist Diploma with honors and 2nd Prize), Advanced Theory and Composition at Athenaeum Conservatory. Besides her music studies she also graduated from AUA (Agriculture-Food Technology). Tania's interest in expanding her musical expression has led her to found the project Emotone together with the electronic music composer Tomas Weiss. She is currently collaborating with one of the most important Greek writers, Evgenios Aranitsis. Her concert music has been performed by Dissonart ensemble and Athens Youth Orchestra.