Akbaş Kerem

1/2 Konsantrasyon
by Kerem Akbaş
PAL 16:9 | 04:18
Ed. no venal / H.C. [2014]

The Man-Sermet Yeşil
Director/ Cinematographer /Edit- Kerem Akbaş
Text-Kader Büyükbingöl
Art Director-Gizem Malkoç

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Kerem Akbaş was born in İstanbul, 1988. He is studying at Ege University in the department of Radio Tv Cinema. He had participated many art projects and worked on short movies as director or director of photography. He is still working on photography, film and art projects.

Humanity had started to his story just like in history of religions with an exile and have banished from his safety home to the world. This first and common trauma will shape his philosophy in order for him to search his dark and inclusive first home in which there is no definition of time and space yet. But at the end we know, the union had already corrupted.