Salvatore Insana

Dove era che non ero
sound by Jacob Kirkegaard
PAL, DVD 16:9 | 05:34
Ed. no venal / H.C. [2014]


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We are not there, we do not find ourselves, almost lost, almost suspended. Alert, ready to shoot, the danger is out of range and has no signals. Going toward the light to take dangerous risks. Restless tremor of face the horizon keeping our eyes wide open. Assuming or presaging the abyss, in a further condition in which we play the “non-adherence” to the present time.

DOVE ERA CHE NON ERO - WHERE IT WAS THAT I WAS NOT concept SALVATORE INSANA, ELISA TURCO LIVERI with ELISA TURCO LIVERI film, editing, photography SALVATORE INSANA sound from "Gymnasium" by JACOB KIRKEGAARD (borrowed from his album 4 ROOMS, Touch 2006 ©)