Osvaldo Cibils

Nº4 installation on monitor

videoart-soundart performance & installation
DVD PAL 16:9 1280x720 03' 00"
proyección en bucle - Ed. no venal / H.C.

osvaldo cibils. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay, 1961. Lives and works in Trento, Italy. His work is mainly oriented towards drawings, computer sounds and shortlow videos.


N°4 installation on monitor. Monitor LG Flatron E2251 SUPER LED 51 x 32 centimeters. Sony TCM-16 Pressman Portable Cassette Recorder. Cell phone Nokia C2-01. Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player. Logitech webcam digital. Drawings graphite 0.5 B and blue pen on paper. Drawings printed on paper. Title, date and name, hand made with drypen blue on paper. Photo profile, name, URL and e-mail printed on paper. Plastic cup. Adhesive tape. Video roll of paper. Animated GIF. SWF digital animations. Collage on cardboard. Can of peas hanging with jingle bell. Speaker boxes. LK texts, drawings and photos on background wall. Nylon. Cables. N°4 installation on monitor. Original video made with digital camera Canon IXUS 115 HS. Soundart osvaldo cibils, field recordings, moving objects and RolloSONIC software. Video-sound performance by osvaldo cibils. Workspace, Behind the Castle of Buonconsiglio, Via della Cervara, 55 - 38121 - Trento (TN) Italia. 6 march 2013, 11:30 hours.