Bogdan Dullsky

Freedom Reflex | As Ever
PAL, DVD 16:9 | 10:57
Ed. no venal / H.C. [2014]


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When it comes to improvisation, this is what I do… The first things to consider are the given circumstances. It’s a bit like an actor trying to relive something with his heart, albeit inside the limits of the stage. He tries both to relive his character’s experience and to allow it ‘through’ him. In the same way - in those same circumstances of an amorphous room - you’ve got to hunt down the main thing. It’s what people sometimes call ‘liberty.’ The driving force behind this project was something similar; we were looking both for stimuli and for reactions to them. If you spend most of your time with a musical instrument in your hands, then a musical syntax, a harmony-based view of the world in all its depth and spatial modes will come together. What I mean is… there’s no need for [desperately-sought] originality… Originality is something you simply cannot avoid!” Participated: Viacheslav Mikhaylovsky - Russian, living in Transnistria & Artem Pustovit- Ukrainian, living in Transnistria.